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Surprises when Designing an iPhone App

SeatGeak designer Jack Groetzinger on the differences between designing for mobile web and native:

"On the web, I’m used to a workflow where a backend developer can create a page’s core logic and a designer can then beautify everything. That fluidity doesn’t exist with the iPhone. When we wanted to make UI changes late in the game, it slowed everything down.


The Man Looking to Turn Samsung into a Silicon Valley Trendsetter

Young Sohn, Samsung’s new chief strategy officer seems to understand Apple, talking about the Galaxy:

"It’s a better phone, in my view. It’s a better display. It’s faster. But eventually the connected ecosystem is really critical. But if you think about our experiences, it’s device-centric. It’s experienced by itself. It’s not experienced in a connected way. So we think we can provide a lot more things than what we are doing today with an open ecosystem with our partners."